a review

Today I bought myself the Logitech Mobile Mini Boombox. It’s a small little stereo speaker that can be connected via bluetooth to many  devices such as an iphone, android tablet on even a computer.
The mini boombox comes with a charger, instructions for use, and the speaker itself.  It is extremely easy to pair,  just turn it on, go in to the list of bluetoth devices on your phone  and pair.


The sound is nice,  a little bassy for my liking  but still reasonable quality.  It has controls on the top of the  unit for volume up and down, and for changing tracks.  Unlike the older version of this device, this one has raised up controls. All  in all, a great little speaker!

Why Baroque music?

Why I Like Baroque Music
1) it has strict form and meter and represents the order that I like in my life, and the need for peace over chaos. 2) it’s melodious, and relaxing.
3) Unlike much music of the romantic and modern periods, music of the Baroque and classical era is not dissonant, and if it is resolves itself.
Having said all that, some of the music from the romantic era does evoke much excitement and flare, and also expresses the emotions of the composer.