Musical changes

I know it’s been a while since I have written in this blog, now is the time to start blogging again as I enter a very different stage of my life.

What is happening?

When I left off writing this blog, I was writing and freelancing. It has been a great time. I wrote blog posts, web copy and content for various companies and loved doing so. But work has dried up and my circumstances have changed. Hubby is no longer working so I am also looking for work.

What am I Doing with my Music?

As far as music goes, my focus has changed. I realized recently that teaching kids was not an option for me. Most children just don’t have the passion and many students and parents wouldn’t practice or left after a short period of time.

I am open to teaching at a music school as long as it is locally. But I doubt this will be the case, because my musical life took a new direction recently. I can no longer teach after school.

A dream Come True

One of my dreams has always been to join a professional choir and to sing the great choral works such as Haydns Creation and Handels Messiah. And even to sing a solo from time to time.

Recently, I auditioned for the Melbourne Symphony Chorus. It was quite a hard audition in some ways. I had to prepare a classical aria, which I have not sung anything like that for years. I prepared “but who may abide” from Messiah. I also had to do some vocal exercises and some sight singing. Because of my blindness, they played that on the piano and I had to sing what I heard.

To my shock, I made the audition and start rehearsals soon! I am so excited and beyond energized by this. I was in a choir in another place for about 3 months, but now will have to leave that.

What I’m considering

This has lead me to soul search again about my options. I’m debating if I go back to study, this time voice. I’d love to direct my own choir or sing in a paid choir one day. I’ve always wanted to do this, but didn’t have confidence to take it on.

So, stay tuned as I share more of my journey.

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