First Impressions of Synphonic Chorus Rehearsals

So far, I’ve had two rehearsals with the local synphonic chorus. What a ride it has been!

I cant speak highly enough of the people and the corinators of the chorus. All have bent over backwards to help and chorus members are extremely friendly. I feel do as a member and feel like my experience is something that is needed. As in, I’m just another choir member and my blindness is just a part of things.

Things I have found help lduring rehearsals include:

1. My braille music scores. the, i would find it very vdifficult o keep up. Bar numbers are referenced all the time and I need to be able to find them quickly. Also, having both lyrics and music means I can sort of read both at once, depending on what I need. Now, I can sing a lot of the music and mostly just look at the lyrics.

2. A digital recorder is absolutely necessary. I mostly use my phone, mostly for small things such as markings on the score that need to be made or little things that we need to know. I quickly comit them to memory, but do have a page at the back of my score with all those markings and may add them in to my electronic version and embose before the conductors rehearsal. I found hard copy braille much easier to use due to the speed of which I need to locate sections.

3. My concentration level is at 200 all the time. I must listen constantly to every thing around me. Not just the director and my entrances but every thing else too.

There have been vfew challenges, except one small issue. This is the largest choir I have ever go and it is an adjustment. Because of what I think is my hearing issues [I wear 2 hearing aids] sometimes I struggle to actually hear myself. It threw me really badly and I think my intonation has been off at times. I fixed this by changing programmes on my hearing aids, but sometimes I have to switch programmes on my aids quite a bit to hear every thing. I’m hoping I can see my audiologist soon to have her create something that may work better for me.

I’ve had little problems hearing since then, it’s just something I have to work with and I am finding my ears are adjusting to what at first seemed to be a huge sound that nearly blew me out the room!

I cant wait to sing with the actual synphony itself in a few weeks! I’ve never done that before and always had a dream to do that.

I’m having an absolchte ball doing this chorus work and it has made me even more passionate about all things music!

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