Musical changes

I know it’s been a while since I have written in this blog, now is the time to start blogging again as I enter a very different stage of my life.

What is happening?

When I left off writing this blog, I was writing and freelancing. It has been a great time. I wrote blog posts, web copy and content for various companies and loved doing so. But work has dried up and my circumstances have changed. Hubby is no longer working so I am also looking for work.

What am I Doing with my Music?

As far as music goes, my focus has changed. I realized recently that teaching kids was not an option for me. Most children just don’t have the passion and many students and parents wouldn’t practice or left after a short period of time.

I am open to teaching at a music school as long as it is locally. But I doubt this will be the case, because my musical life took a new direction recently. I can no longer teach after school.

A dream Come True

One of my dreams has always been to join a professional choir and to sing the great choral works such as Haydns Creation and Handels Messiah. And even to sing a solo from time to time.

Recently, I auditioned for the Melbourne Symphony Chorus. It was quite a hard audition in some ways. I had to prepare a classical aria, which I have not sung anything like that for years. I prepared “but who may abide” from Messiah. I also had to do some vocal exercises and some sight singing. Because of my blindness, they played that on the piano and I had to sing what I heard.

To my shock, I made the audition and start rehearsals soon! I am so excited and beyond energized by this. I was in a choir in another place for about 3 months, but now will have to leave that.

What I’m considering

This has lead me to soul search again about my options. I’m debating if I go back to study, this time voice. I’d love to direct my own choir or sing in a paid choir one day. I’ve always wanted to do this, but didn’t have confidence to take it on.

So, stay tuned as I share more of my journey.

How Music analysis helps #anxiety

Do you suffer from anxiety? It can really cause you to feel stressed and out of whack? I want to share an experience I had recently that I hope helps you as much as it helps me.

The Experience

Recently, I started to feel really anxious about certain events in my life. The last few months have been difficult and my anxiety seemed to be increasing. I found myself feeling anxious mostly at night. I would wake up feeling panicked, anxious and stressed. My breathing was out of whack, and I had to find ways of dealing with it. It could last most of the night, and even during the day sometimes.

what has helped

There are two things that have helped me with my anxiety levels. It may not stop it completely, but it does help control the feelings and the panic. Music, and a related subject, numbers help′ It slows the feeling of anxiety, and uses the logical part of the brain.


In order for the music to help with my anxiety, it has to meet certain requirements. It must be polyphonic, or have a slow melodic line; The more complex the better. The polyphonic nature of composers such as Victoria and Bach means I can focus on the inner parts; Not just the melodic line. There’s lots of notes and other things to focus on. Also noticing how the parts fit together, how the distant changes to consonant Helps. The schspensions resolving, the ebb and flow of the music. The slow movements can express the feelings of the foul with the slow melody.


Numbers are very much related to music. I will write out numbers for a chord progression. For example i, Iv v and i. Then I will write the notes of the chords, and then put them together. By the time I have done this for the key I decide and then the relative key to it, I start to feel a bit sleepy.

I hope this has helped some of you. I know it helped me.

# _How Music Can Help You In Tough Times _

I’ve had some tough times in my life, and I am sure you all have too. There are many things that can help during these times, and music is one of them. It can help you express your feelings, change your mod and allow healing.

Expressing emotions

Do you have many emotions running through your head? Maybe you are feeling sad or ecstatic about something. Music is an extremely powerful tool. I use composition a lot at this stage. I will sit at the keyboard, or imagine music in my head. I create the emotions I am feeling via the music. If you find composition a scary process, just play some music that evokes that emotion in you. I continue this process until the emotions have gone or at least lessened. I also find just playing a simple 1, 4 5 chord progression helps. It calms the mind and enables you to divorce yourself from the situation long enough to think about it.

Music can change your mod

Music will lift your mod. It is so powerful it can create any mod you like. Because of this, a person needs to be careful as to not get depressed etc. I know this sounds strange, but there are certain pieces of music I cannot listen to, because it makes me feel depressed and gives me a really heavy mod. It’s ok to listen to it if you are feeling down, but I find changing the music to a more joyful, uplifting mode after the emotions have passed necessary in order to allow it to work in our favour.

Once I have expressed myself through composition or listening to the music of that emotion, I switch gears and found some uplifting music that will lift my mod. This way, I can start to feel more at ease, have peace and promote healing. What type of music does this depends on what styles you like to listen too; Be guided by your response to the music.

Music Can Bring Healing

Of course, it is one of many things that can bring healing. It’s no replacement for therapy, or prayer. But it can help bring peace to your world. For me, music combined with prayer and sometimes talking to someone is the best thing that helps me through the tough times. You might have different combinations that work for you. Music is a tool, and I hope you find it useful like I have. It’s a great reason to learn to play an instrument and compose; Enabling you to express the inner most feelings of your soul.