Panasonic ErgoFit Review

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We all know how important a good pair of earbuds can be. They are almost as essential as our mobiles phones; we use them to listen to our music, make phone calls and as entertainment during the long commute to work. But finding the best earbuds can be a challenge, especially for those with different sized or sensitive ears, or those needing to listen to music on the go. With these compact and lightweight ErgoFit earbuds, listening to music can be a comfortable, stress-free reality.


The ErgoFit in-ear earbuds are versitile – they have a range of features and will work with many phones, tablets and audio devices. The earpads are extremely soft, and come in 3different sizes to fit a variety of ear shapes. With the long 3.6 feet cord, these are designed for comfortable and prolonged wearing.

These are very durable earbuds made to withstand most situations. However, these earbuds are like most that just fit in the ear. They are designed to fit right in the ear canal. This was not immediately apparent from the packaging but with some experimenting a great fit and sound can be achieved.


The ergoFit has many features you would expect in a decent pair of headphones. Built-in mic and remote control enables easy access to all functions, including play and stop, answering phone calls or listening to music. Music can be enjoyed with the ErgoFit’s high-quality crisp stereo sound.

These are not audiophile earbuds by any means; but here’s the kicker: for the price, they have superb sound quality. Both the treble and the bass perform well, but don’t expect the booming bass of many bass-enhanced headphones. These are more for every day use, not studio work or monotoring.

Receiving phone calls is a snap with the remote. But are more for music listening than phone calls.


Here’s the thing: Overall the ErgoFit earbuds are fantastic, every day earbuds. They have decent sound and volume. The frequency range is adequate and with the remote has all the functions, which are easy to use. The earbuds fit well in most cases and with the extended cord are comfortable and easy to wear while on the go. These earbuds are a good, well-rounded headphone for a reasonable price.

What we liked

  • Doable, comfortable fit;
  • Reasonable sound quality;
  • Easy access to music player; -functions via the remote;

What we didn’t like

  • Can be hard to adjust when first wearing the earbuds;
  • Didn’t work well with phone calls;
  • some people may find the bass isn’t strong enough for their needs.

audioRumble rating: 85/100

A review of the Australian Brandenburg

Do you like music of the Baroque? Would you like to broaden your tastes in classical music? Then this album from the The Australian Brandenburg Orchestra may be for you. With artistic director paul dyer at the lead, the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra is one of Australian’s finest performing on period instruments in Australia. The Orchestra was founded in 1989 and was named after the Brandenburg Concertos of Bach. They have recorded 17 albums, featuring such soloists as the counter tenor Andreas Scholl as well as many other instrumentalists and vocalists. The The orchestra also regularly make appearances on ABC Classic fm.
I recently purchased the two cd set of Concerto Grosso by Handel. Unlike the concerto of the classical era, a concerto grosso uses a group of soloists along with the Orchestra. I found listening to this album a real pleasure and extremely relaxing. I noticed right away that the Orchestra is so blended that you cant tell the difference between the soloists and the Orchestra itself. As you would expect there is a ride variety of standees represented on the cd, from melodic to fugal writing. This album is a great listen if you enjoy string music.
You can find out more about the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra by visiting their web site at

a review

Today I bought myself the Logitech Mobile Mini Boombox. It’s a small little stereo speaker that can be connected via bluetooth to many  devices such as an iphone, android tablet on even a computer.
The mini boombox comes with a charger, instructions for use, and the speaker itself.  It is extremely easy to pair,  just turn it on, go in to the list of bluetoth devices on your phone  and pair.


The sound is nice,  a little bassy for my liking  but still reasonable quality.  It has controls on the top of the  unit for volume up and down, and for changing tracks.  Unlike the older version of this device, this one has raised up controls. All  in all, a great little speaker!